Friday, June 26, 2009

Starting the Second Year...

Hola Familia!
It was great to hear from you this week! Im glad to hear that everything is going well. Also glad to hear that Jason is doing well and that the Oregon boys showed them californians whats up. I know I didnt really follow in the fishing tradition like my brothers, but Im still proud of you all!
Well, one year down. Hard to believe. Ive heard alot of talk about this being the peak or the highest part of the mission, but I hope thats not true. The peak of the mission really should be the day you get on the plane to come home...or maybe the day know what I mean. But yeah, its deffinetly easier to look back and see what Ive done so far, but every time I do, I realize that its not enough. I need to be so much better. Jake sent me a letter at the begining and talked about how even if we were to labor all our days, we still would be in great debt to the Lord for what he has done for us. I think Im begining to understand that, and it makes me want to work harder. Its easy to give everything you have, but to be productive and effecient is another thing alotgether. There are alot of other factors involved, such as the availability of the investigators and stuff like that, but I guess I just need to rely more on the spirit to tell me all the things that I should do. But all the same, I love being a part of the work and am learning alot of important things that will help me serve better now and in the future.
Yes dad, Presidente Villalba did tell me you wrote him. At zone conference last week. I forgot to tell you. He said your spanish was perfect. He might have been lying about what he told you about me. I dont want him to give you high expectations so that you will be disapointed when I get home, but I can communicate, and Im progressing, so thats about all I can ask for I guess. Yesterday some kids were yelling whats your name? so I assumed they spoke english, and tried to do a contact in english. I couldnt do it. It was pretty funny. Yanqui missionaries have our own language. Its a mix of the two. Dad is probably the only one that will appreciate this, but common questions are, when are you elders going to llegar?; We golpear-ed that whole calle and didnt find one nuevo. I also recently learned that referencia in english is actually referal, not reference. I dont even want to think about giving a talk in english... I also went on divisions with a norte americano and couldnt remember how to say some stuff, or it was easier to say it in spanish. Moments like that are encouraging, untill I realize that instead of knowing two languages, I forgot half of one to make room for half of I have some work to do when I get home.
Well, kind of weird writing on wednensday, but good I guess. It will take some getting used to I suppose. But as far as the week goes, it wasnt too bad. We had alot of missionary things to deal with, and didnt have as much time to focus on the missionary work, but this week should be much different. We have some high goals and intentions to meet thim this week. We are doing much better as a companionship. I am learning why we are two, and not just one. Its also bery cool to see the growth in my comp. He is very, very timid but is going out of his comfort zone and making alot of progress. Im really proud of him.
It was raining Sunday morning, and down here, that means church is canceled. Not really, but thats what it seems like. We had six people in the branch, but one was an investigator! One of the brothers of that hermana came! He liked it alot. Im pretty confident that they will make it to their baptismal date. Did I tell you about the prison guard? His name is ezequiel and has been taught for like 4 months, but as it turns out, he is in our ward. He is working on his work schedule because he wants to be able to comply with the Sabath day, but we have a goal for the 11. Its the same for the Brothers from the Branch. Two sepraate baptisms in one day, its gonna be crazy but soooo sweet! We also found a new couple this week. They have two kids and are aweswome. Rita y Emiliano. Ritas Godfather is a member who used to be in the mission presidency, so I met him once or twice. He has always talked with her about the yeah, they are pretty much prepared. Im very optimistic about them.
Favorite scripture of the week that is pretty much applicable in every situation comes from ether. Hermano de Jared and the rocks. Its fun trying to explain why the actual name of the brother of jared isnt in the scriptures to investigators. Long story short, Mahonrimoriancumr (did I spell that right?) had to think alot and do alot of work before the Lord helped him out with the whole light situation. He had to present his solution to the Lord and ask for a miracle. According to his faith, the Lord worked a miracle. I like that story alot.
Well, I love you all and look forward to next week. I still know that the church is true, no matter what. Nothing can change that, so nothing should make us think otherwise. The book of mormon is the key to everthing. If that book is true, so is Joseph Smiths claim to authority, which solves any doctrinal issue. And guess is true, so there you have it.
Anyway, love you!
Elder Rau

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