Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swine Flu in Argentina!

Hola Familia!
Another average week here in argentina. So this big flu thing is taking its toll. Lots of muertos (deaths) in Argentina. So far only one elder in the mission has had the big time, bad flu, but 50 of the 200 are sick. That means that for at least a day or two, half of the mission was immoblizied. Bad news. We werent allowed to do contacts (knocking or in the street) for a little while...but we only lasted a day. Being a missionary and not contacting doesnt really work....its kind of what we do here. But yeah, we are just washing our hands alot and trying to to greet with a handshake and stuff like that... which is also really really hard. I got letters from both Elder Layton and Elder Grow last week. That was cool. They are doing way good and it looks like sean is having an alma mission, as opposed to an abinadai mission. Wait, did I already tell you that He sent me a letter? Was that last week? I dont know, I lost count...but just in case, there it is again. Sean, Logan, I love you guys! Keep up the good work.
More about the flu. My comp was sick, so I had a day and a half of study. I would have rather been in the street, but it was nice to finally get to study all the things that I dont have time for. I am really grateful for the gift of tounges. Spanish is so cool.
Anyway, we are working twoards a big baptism right now. We have 4 people set for the 18th, plus an 8 year old. Another companionship has 2 or 3 plus 3 eight year olds! That would be a sweet baptism. We should be baptising two brothers of an hermana, plus that guy we contacted in the street last week and another kid we have been teaching for a really long time. We arent too sure about the last one but I think he could make it. He finaly came to church this week. Im dead set on getting those standards set by the president this week, and if we do it, Ill tell you why.
Thats about it. We should finish this transfer pretty strong. Im looking forward to a change, but more than happy to work with my comp. Hes great. Hes not that much younger than me in the mission, but its still way cool to see him progress and change. Hes changed quite a bit since we started 11 transfers ago.
Well, I love you all a whole bunch. I also love being a missionary. Its the best.
The church is true. Thats all I have to say about that.
Elder Rau

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