Wednesday, July 15, 2009

La iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos días...un camino real...

Hola Familia!
Well, I talked a little bit last week about the standards of the mission. I am quite pleased to report that after doing all that we could possibly do, the Lord worked a miracle and we got it. It looked grim when Sunday rolled around, especially when two of our primary investigators didn’t make it to church. Luckily, we have two sacrament meetings, and one of them came to the later one. Its nice to have two areas sometimes. Also, someone from another ward brought a cousin or something to church, so the elders there set a cita for us and it counted. We did divisions with the members or were with them pretty much all day, and we pulled off the remaining five lessons with member present, contacted a reference and by 8:45 we had it. It felt pretty good. Now, the reason we got it this week has a lot to do with a call that I got last Tuesday morning. It was very motivating. One of the assistants called me and said hey, president wants you to train, but you gotta get the standards first (it’s a requirement to train. You have to get the standards in the transfer before) Needless to say, I was pretty stoked. So it looks like I’m gonna be able to train this coming transfer. It’s a huge responsibility and I’m pretty nervous. If I could choose, I would want a fellow American. I love speaking Spanish all the time, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to express yourself more precisely. But anyway, we worked real hard and showed our faith. If we hadn’t met our goal this week, it would have been because it was impossible. Luckily, nothing is impossible to the Lord. Also, transfers are next week, so I think I will write on Tuesday...not sure though...
Needless to say, the week was pretty good. We found some pretty solid people, but our big baptism planned for this weekend has pretty much fallen through. All of the candidates from the other areas won’t make it and we are down to one. Hugo, that guy we contacted in the street. The only reason we will get to baptize him is because the Lord is merciful. He will be moving on Monday. Pretty crazy. He is very prepared, and has already passed his interview, so we are green for the 18th. Very exciting. The others are lacking a solid confirmation, or are receiving pressure from family or friends.
I’m healthy for now. Another elder in the pinch just got the flu (not the swine flu) and he is the kind of guy that coughs in his hands and then touches everything, so we’ll see how this goes. We pretty much just make him stay in his room. Last night he asked me to give him a blessing. It was one of the more memorable ones. The words came immediately. So quickly that I didn’t even have to think before the came out of my mouth. It was pretty cool.
Back to the standards. We did it as a district, and 5 of the 8 companionships in the zone did it, so we get to watch a movie today. I think we are gonna watch Wall-E. I am so excited!
I continue to learn so much every day and I am starting to become the missionary that I want to be. Everyone always says that once you figure it out, it’s time to go home. I hope that’s not the case. I gotta figure it out early. I’m pretty content and love being here. I’m glad to hear that everything is going well with y’all. Be safe and have fun with the reunion. I’m sad to miss it, but ya know, I’ll live.
I love you all so much and can’t wait to hear from you next week and see all the cool pictures. The church is sooo true. We are led by a prophet. We are children of a loving Heavenly Father who sent his son to pave the way back to his presence. I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, with the authority to be called such.
Love ya! Elder Rau

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