Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Lord Qualifies Those He Calls... So Everything should Turn Out All Right

Hola Familia,
Well, I’ll start with the transfers. I know I told you that I might train, but it looks like I’m gonna have to wait for a little bit longer. One of the assistants called me today in the morning and told me that my hijo has been delayed due to his visa, and will be arriving in about a week. I’m gonna train! I’m so excited. He’s called elder Taylor, from somewhere in Utah...go figure. I can’t wait to see what it’s like to go through your first weeks in Argentina! I’m also going to be serving as district leader. I’m very excited for that as well because I know that I will learn so much and become a better person. For both of these assignments, I don’t feel exactly prepared, but I know that the Lord qualifies those whom he calls and that I have his help, so everything should turn out all right. I will tag along with the zone leaders or elder Chunga, the other elder I live with. He is also training!
The week was a little more stressful. We had some significant unity problems. Apparently, my comp thought that because we got the standards, we could take a couple days off. It definitely doesn’t work like that. We just didn’t click this week. After two transfers together, the light at the end of the tunnel came into view and we bolted. Not my favorite week, but as always, I still learned a ton and am anxious to get going with my new assignments.
The baptism of Hugo went well. No one from our ward, minus the bishop came, so that was lame, but we did it with another little girl that we taught in the branch, and her whole family came, so there were people there at least. I just talked to the elders in his new ward, and he will be well received I’m sure. I now have a camera, so I will be send you a pic or two. He asked the elder who did the interview to baptize him, which was cool because he is on his way home right now. He got in the water his last week. Cool to see. The bishop confirmed him and the spirit was strong. What a privilege to participate in things like that.
We had some way cool lessons this week. I’m not sure if I’ve told you yet about an argentine custom, but it makes for awkward situations as a missionary. Everyone kisses to greet. Mostly the women, but there is nothing weird about two men giving a kiss on the cheek to greet each other. Took a while to get used to... We don’t do it as missionaries, but sometimes there is no avoiding it, especially with the old women. Luckily I have only had two or three man kisses, and alcohol was probably involved...good times. But the other night, we were talking to this hilarious old lady. She is Evangelista and has a lot of faith. We explained that we don’t greet like normal argentines, then gave the flu as an excuse. She went off for about 5 minutes about how we shouldn’t have fear of anything because we are the servants of the Lord and stuff like that. Needless to say, there was no avoiding the kiss. Funny stuff. Last night we had a very powerful lesson with her. She has no problem believing in Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. All she needs to understand is that there is only one true church, and she’s in the water. She is really great. We are teaching a few other families, and are seeing a little progress. I plan on using the faith and excitement of a newbie to elevate the area. I’m very excited to hear about what they are teaching in the MTC. I took notes, but I missed a lot of stuff. They teach you how to be perfect there. We are going to apply everything he learned there...that is, once he gets here.
Anyway, that’s about it. I’ll be here for one or two more, but I’m looking forward to it.
I love you all so much and can’t wait to see the pics from your weekend. That sounds like so much fun. We should do that after I get home! I love you a ton, and KNOW that this is the church of Christ, restored in its perfect form with prophets and apostles and all that good stuff...revelation....authority...you know....
Elder Rau

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