Friday, June 19, 2009

Scooby Doo?

Hola Familia!
I am safe and well. Thanks for all the letters and stuff this week. I totally forgot to tell you last week probably because I didn’t know yet, but p-day changed to you can be expecting letters on Wednesday from now on.
Its been kind of a long week. The robo has had a little too much to do with the work. We have been taking turns with the other elders in the pinch watching it during the day, so we have lost some hours in the street. But everything will be solved today starting at 3:00. As we were expecting, the reja took a little bit longer to get done, but today it’s done and will be put it. We will be able to leave the pinch feeling a little more confident. Big news though, We know who it is. There are a million factors, but the clincher is all thanks to my watching scooby doo as a child. We found a footprint in the pinch...on my pillow... and there is a guy that works in a lottery ticket thing and he is always standing outside talking with his friends in plain view of the pinch. They knew our horario. But anyway, we contacted him the other night, and I happened to look down to find the same footprints. So testified of the justice of God, the judgement and stuff like that. And that’s it. That’s where is stops. Many prayers have been offered on behalf of the chorros, half because I really do feel bad for them and half because I know we are supposed to pray for those that do bad things against us. But yeah, we are doing alright. We are being blessed.
We had zone conference and interviews this week. They are getting everything out of the way early this transfer, so I’m thinking we have a big visitor on his way or something. I’m hoping for Elders Scott or Christofferson. That would be way cool.
As far as investigators, we have some pretty capo (stud or studly) people to teach. Interestingly enough, those who are progressing the most are member references...hmmm... Enzo y Katriel are brothers of a member. They have 17 and 15. I am pretty confident that they will arrive at the date that we set with them, which will be the 11th. We also are teaching a guy that has been listening for a long time, and finally feels confident enough to take the big step and make a covenant with God and be baptized for the remission of his sins. Also programed for the 11th. So we have two separate baptisms in two wards on one day. That’s gonna be sweet! We have been getting a lot of references lately, and the investigator pool shows it. We are visiting a family that lives down the street from the bishop, and other family members and friends of the members. We are starting to get the idea of what every member a missionary really means! I’m lovin it... and I’m not talkin about mcdonalds.
I got the video from Jake. Holy Cow! How long has it been since that kid was born? He’s already smiling! I’m way out of the loop. It’s all good though, I’ve already accepted the fact that he’ll be talking by the time I get to meet him. He looks a lot like Anson.
Oh yeah, so tomorrow is my one year mark....wait...ONE YEAR! It snuck up on me. I actually think I have more than a year left in the mission though. I’m gonna be lucky and have a mission of one year and a week or so. That’s how transfers works out. So I think I’m going to order ice cream tomorrow and eat it in front of the heaters because it’s almost winter here. A year ago today, right now, we were driving to Utah...crazy!
I also finished the Book of Mormon again this week and today I finished Jesus the Christ. Pretty cool. This time through we read it as a mission and I did it in 75 days. We focused on the names/references to, doctrines of, attributes of and words of Christ. Every page of the book is marked. They weren’t lying when they said another testament of Jesus Christ. Faith and Repentance came up the most under doctrines. I really enjoy that book. I know it’s true.
Well, I think that’s it. I’m really glad to hear about Gabes improvement and will continue to pray for him. I wrote him a letter a little while ago (him and some other people) but haven’t been able to send it yet because I can’t find a letter place (i forget what it’s called) so maybe next week when I go to centro. Well see.
Anyway, I love you all a bunch and just want you to know that the Church is true, that God loves us so He sent His Son.
Elder Rau

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