Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow... it's almost been a year!

Hola Familia!
Glad to hear that you are all well. I regret to inform you all that the rat has not yet met his demise...in fact, he hasn't even shown his little tail all this week, at least, we havent seen him. And to clarify, he wasnt exactly on fire, he just had burning paper on him, so he was kind of glowing, like a sparkler on the fourth of july, you could follow his trail. It was great.
Well, we had interview this week, which was great! Comp Mayor interviews are different than comp Menor. All of my other interviews have been about what i was learning, how I was feeling and all that, but now, its business. He wanted to know about the area, what exactly we were doing and how my comp is doing. Different, but still way good. We also got some good instruction from the zone leaders and the assistants. Mostly about keeping track of people with the area book and working with the ward. The Lords house is a house of order.
Also, I think the heat has finally ended. Its really cold now. I guess it is snowing in cordoba. It just rains here. Its been down to about 5 C, which is pretty stinkin cold when you are used to 35 or 40.
For two nights in a row, the assitants stayed upstairs with the zone leaders, so we had some good times. They were a little restless after having traveled and giving the same taller all day, so we had some fun.
Well, the investigators are doing good... untill Sunday when they are all too busy or can't come to church! Its ok though, we have some for sure next week. One of them is a man of 33 years, with a father who is a JW...that is making things interesting. Another one is a kid of 17 who really wants to be baptised...like really bad. We arent exactly sure he understands it quite yet, but we still have like 3 weeks before he can be baptised because he has to go to church 2 times before hand. The family of 8... Not too much progress, but the continue to atend us, so I guess thats good. Did I mention it last week?...we are teaching a ton of evangelists! They all have some very good doctrines, but just a few that are very incorrect about church organization and priesthood. Twice this week we were asked (hypothetically) if we were prepared to cast out a deamon. I cant even descibe to you how good it feels to answer affirmatively, knowing that we actually are prepared for something like that. Kind of a cool confidence builder. This week has helped stop beating around the bush and get strait to it. We are members of the onloy true church. Its cool to testify of that.
Well, at 2 this morning, I woke up to what I thought was water hitting the floor. I was confused for a minnute, then I saw the shadow of my comp running to the bathroom. He threw up big time...and it got on my shower sandals! Haha, hes a lot better now, but I just wanted to share with you that little experience. It had something to do with some soup he ate last night before bed I think.
Poor Elder Layton! The Hermana was going nuts about the dengue for a long time. I actually got bit by the type of mosquito that carries it the other day, but Im ok, so I think I missed it. I hope he enjoyed his time in the jungle, haha. Let him know that I am praying for him and am waiting for a letter from him. Also, send greetings to Elder Mckibben. I dont remember if I wrote him last, or if he wrote me, but I guess by the time I figure it out, he will be home, so I guess it doesnt really matter. Saludos a todos los otros misioneros, donde estn. (Is that correct dad?) Speaking of other elders, looks like Elder Herold has an exciting start to his misin. Hes already had a baptism and his birthday is this week.
I think thats it from me this week. We are doing great here and next week is transfers, so expect my letter on Tuesday instead of Monday. You know the drill. Send pictures, particualrly of anson, I forgot what he looks like...just kidding...
I love you all a ton, and cant wait to hear form you next week. But untill then, just remember that the church is the truest and President Monson is a prophet, and as such, talks with God, just like Moses did. Pretty cool huh.
Elder Rau

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This is one great Elder.