Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Are Gonna Rock This Place!

Hola Familia!
How are you all doing this week? I’m great!
Well, I’m now here in Cabaa (thats the area name, it means cabin). Actually, I lied, I’m currently in Rafaela, a nice city about two hours north of Santa Fe. Apparently the zone leaders here promised an Asado (argentine BBQ) to a few companionships up here, and now I get to pay for it! I’m so gonna charge this to the other guy that left. But on a more positive note, I am having a great time with elder Sharp, my new companion. We are gonna rock this place! I always knew Cabaa was one of those legendary areas, mostly because the ward gives complete cooperation and feeds us and gives us references every day. But anyway, this is the first time in my mission I can 100% be confident that I can turn it over to my comp at any moment and he will pick up where I left off. Let’s just say that if this transfer goes like these first few days, we will be perfectly of one heart and one mind. I am very optimistic about this transfer. On top of it, we have 11 baptisms planed for the next few weeks, but I’m absolutely positive that 8 will make it. The field is white and we are ready to harvest. Our zone is also pretty much amazing! The only two companionships we are really worried about live with us, so that will be nice to be able to work with them more often, but other than that, it’s just gonna be a killer few weeks.
Another thing that makes this area so cool is the air conditioning. It’s really hot, but it’s been raining quite a bit, so it’s been really humid, then cold, then hot then humid and so on.
So a few of our baptisms One is a 14 year old girl that we taught for the first time Monday because a member family brought her to church and she really liked it. She told us at the end of the lesson after accepting the baptismal date that she is a new sister of us. We are also trying to teach her sisters and parents. I think the whole family will be in the water soon enough and on their way to being eternal. Another couple we have programmed will more than likely be baptized on separate dates. It’s a couple that got married so that they could get baptized, but when they went to go get married, the family of Romina (the wife) got all anti because they want to go to the baptism of the baby in the other church, and they want to be godfathers and godmothers and stuff like that, so she got spooked. Danilo will be baptized the 23 for sure. He doesn’t want to wait, so maybe if she stalls long enough, he might be able to baptize her. She lacks 5 months in her pregnancy, so it could be a long time, but she knows its true, she just needs to be brave and tell her family that baptizing babies is solemn mockery before God.
Those are just a few, the rest are part member families. The mom of one family and the kids of another, plus one that just got passed to us from another area. He is moving into our area on Friday and we baptize him the next day. Cool huh.
Well I think thats it for me this week. I hope you all have a great week. Don’t you worry about me, I’ll be just fine.
The church is true, baptism is the door and the priesthood is the key.
Love yall!
Elder Rau

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