Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Just Going to be Happy I Live on the Second Floor!

I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing good and happy. I hope everything keeps going like that.
This last week was pretty much a roller coaster. Last week I wrote from Rafaela because we were on divisions up there, and Monday and Tuesday I was in two different areas here in Santa Fe (which is where I live). I got to go back to Yapey and see some members and stuff like that. We spent a good part of the day looking for some of my old investigators and some other people that I knew here and found a few. When I was here, it just wasnt there time, but maybe something has changed and they are ready now...who knows?
On Sunday a kid that I baptized in Yappey got the priesthood and I got to stand in the circle for another kid, that I actually did the baptismal interview for, when he got it. Did I tell you about that? I did the interviews for almost all the recent converts in my ward because I used to be the DL over Cabaa (my current ward). So I already knew a good portion of the members and even a few investigators, which is really helping a lot.
So the mission just came out with a new super standard. A while ago I talked a lot about the standards and how hard it was to get them, well... it’s not hard anymore. Our mentality has changed and we feel bad if we didn’t get the normal standards. Again, this isn’t all about the numbers. The indicators were designed by prophets, so if those numbers and high, that means that they say we have a progressing area. And we do. We were going to have a baptism last week, (kind of a free number) of a guy that moved in, but he couldn’t make it, so we have 6 for this week. I am very excited. Baptism is so cool, and it’s even cooler to see a lot of people do it at the same time. The spirit is so strong. But anyway, I got off track, basically we are going to be the first companionship to get the super standard, especially because when we checked the dats we had last week, we were above and beyond in only 2 areas. I would like to close this portion of my letter with a scripture that will appropriately convey what I would like to say next. Alma 26:12. you’ll have to look it up though, I don’t have it in English here in front of me. The miracles will continue because we arent going to let up.
Anyway, Danilo Arredondo, Miriam Vasquez, Claudio Loseco, Sofa Gonzlez, Guadalupe Pedroso and Len Pedroso will be baptized by someone that has the authority to do so, for the remission of their sins and allow entrance into the Lords kingdom. Len (leo) is 9 and I get to baptize him. His name means Lion...sweet huh.
We also have a couple that will get married in march. They just went and set up a date to get married in the registro civil (which is where everyone has to go to get married), so their baptism will be around the 20th of March. I’m pretty excited for them. They are excited too.
Anyway, I guess that’s about it from me this week. Just know that the church is true. We have been hearing about all sorts of catastrophes all over the world like freezing and earthquakes and stuff like that. Things are getting sketchy here too. I guess we are on the brink of a flood here in Santa Fe, which is bad because the city is shaped like a bowl... but the good news is that we have a prophet that has told us not to be scared, just be prepared and keep living the gospel...stuff like that. And in the meantime, I’m just going to be happy that I live on the second floor...haha.
I love you guys a lot!
Elder Rau

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