Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Classic MTC pictures

Elder Rau sent these pictures home to my Parents and my Mom scanned them and emailed them over to me....thus the blurriness. You just have to laugh when you see these because I think every single missionary who goes through the MTC gets pictures like these - one at the map and one in front of the Provo Temple. Now we just need some pictures of his companion asleep drooling on his pillow or something. :)

This is Nate with his companion, Elder Hadley.

More Elders going to Rosario.

They look so young! But they are the Lords Army and are carrying the message of the gospel to the world!

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Don Layton said...

I found your blog by accident. President Rau has kept this a tightly guarded secret, so I'm not sure he wanted anyone to know. But I added Elder Rau's blog to Elder Layton's blog...and now it's out. If this was a closely guarded family secret, I figure (as Elder Rau's dad is very fond of saying), "what are they going to do, release me?"

We LOVE Elder Rau! He is going to be a major force in the army of the Lord. He is in our prayers.

Don Layton