Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Latest from Elder Rau

Here is a portion of a family letter Elder Rau sent us last week. It sounds like he is doing so well! I've also put on a couple of pictures that he sent home. Enjoy! 

"Things are still going really well! We are transitioning into teaching the second lesson in spanish, and we are speaking more and more every day. "subjunctive" is the worst thing in the world, just so you know... I have really kicked into reading the book of mormon (in english) and will hopefully be able to finish it before I hit the ground in Argentina. And it looks like we will be landing about on time! Something happened, I don't know exactly what, but visas are coming in on time or a few days late. If anything, we might leave a day or two late." .....

"One thing that I have learned while trying to teach, especially in spanish, is that the gospel is really actually simple. We can get off and start talking about kolob and generations of Gods and other crazy things like that, but the real important stuff, the stuff that we are taking to the investigators is so simple. Not only are the principles simple, but the words we use to describe them don't need to be fancy. As you can imagine, we are barely getting by as far as vocabulary goes, but as long as the spirit is there, words don't really matter. I am reminded of the conversion story of Brigham Young. He heard all sorts of missionaries with varying levels of speech for about a year, but when he heard a man who could only say that he know the church was true, but say it with all his heart, he felt the spirit so strong in the conviction of this man, even though his testimony was simple." 

Nate and Sean! (I mean Elder Rau and Elder Layton, of course). I don't know the story here but it looks like they ran into each other at the Temple! How fun for them. 

Elder Rau and his companion Elder Hadley 

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