Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hello Elder Rau!

My mom sent me these pictures they took when they dropped Nate off at the MTC. The second one is with our Grandma Unruh - my Mom's Mom who flew in from Denver to see him off. 

We got a letter from him a few days ago and he said that the MTC isn't quite what he expected it would be but it is amazing. He said he's never studied so much in his entire life.Last week he saw 6 of the 12 apostles! He also got to sing Joseph Smith's First Prayer in the choir that preformed at a fireside that Elder Hales spoke at. He told me that that was amazing, too. He said he and his companion are already good friends and he can see them being friends for years to come. I'm hoping he'll be able to send some more pictures soon!

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