Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm So Grateful To Be A Missionary, It's The Best!

HOla Familia!
HOw is everyone this morning? You are probably doing great... I hope so at least.

Things are startin to pick up a little bit for us here. I'm startin to see the potential here. Its exciting. Apparently this is one of the oldest wards in the city. There are a few people here that remember an Elder Christofersen...yeah, elder D. Todd Christofersen! He was here when the entire city was two branches. Lots of people also remember his mission president. President in Richard G. Crazy huh! There is an hermana here that was the first missionary to leave from Santa Fe, and her mission presidente in the Chile mission was the father of Bishop David H. Burton. She had some pretty funny stories about him. I guess he was a terrible little kid. He threw rocks and the american embassy once. Look where he is now! I laughed pretty hard. He was pretty young I guess. Like 5 or 6, so his baptism took care of all of that.
We are striving to establish unity in the work with the members of the ward. Once we get that down, things are gonna go really smooth. There are a million young RM couples. Lots of excitement...lots of referrals! Woo Hoo!

We did a service project last Thursday and I saw scorpions for the first time in my whole life! Live ones I mean. I killed them with a shovel!

I also got to do another baptismal interview last week. She lives a few blocks away from one of the big futbol stadiums here. They had a game that night against one of the biggest teams in the country, and we were right next to the field about an hour before it started. There were police in riot gear and tons of people everywhere. The police dogs almost attacked us. I had always wanted to go to a game but now I think I'm ok not experiencing it. People die sometimes after those games! Crazy huh.

Dad, I wouldn't be sad if you dropped that dance class. If you don't, its more than likely that I will. I'm cool with ice skating weird as that is. It has always been a dream to play ice hockey. Maybe I'm the next Wayne Gretsky.

I got a cool letter this week...still no package though. I got a few more birthday cards, so thanks to everyone who sent them, but I have to admit the best letter was from Sebastain Montenegro. The second guy that I got to teach (that got baptised) in my first area. He is a stud! Hes doing sooooo good. Hes happy and loving the gospel. He told me that when I go home or when I teach that I should tell everyone that once he was a drug addict and did a bunch of evil things, but now his life is full of light and happiness. Hes so cool. Hes cousin, (the one that he baptised) is the secretary in his ward and in his free time he goes out and hands out church materials to the people in the city. He turns 19 next january.

Well, I guess that'll do for this week. I really do love you all a whole bunch and look forward to hearing from you next week. I'm so grateful to be a missionary. Its the best.
this church is the truest of all the churches.
Love y'all
Elder Rau

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