Thursday, March 11, 2010

Every Injustice, Hardship and Trial in this Life will be Made Right, Even More, it will have Been a Blessing

So anyway, we have had another great week. I forgot to tell you last week, but I had a once in a life time experience. You know the rhinoceros beetle from ants, well, those bugs actually do exist, and we found one the other day. I had seen them before and didn't think they could pinch with their very sharp horn, but as it turns out they can. My comp was inspired to tell me not to do it (stick my pinky finger between his forehead and horn) but I did it anyway and it clamped down. It hurt real bad and I think I accidentally killed the poor bug because I threw him afterwards. It was a pretty funny experience.
We were waiting for about 14 people on Sunday and 6 of them came, which was pretty cool! We didn't even have to go out and look for anyone, so I bet we could help some more people if we got out and brought them. Its pretty cool to see an investigator arrive on their own. They are the chosen ones.
Other than that its been a great week full of really cool lessons and substantial personal revelation. Lots of things are just occurring to me right now. I guess I am in reflection mode. I like it and am writing it down, trying to show the lord that I appreciate what he tells me and am willing to receive more. One of these revelations came in the middle of the night. We have always repeated a passage from john 15, every night before going to sleep. Verses 4 to 9 I think... not sure though, I just know it. But anyway, I was thinking, what does that mean? I had never really thought about it, but then it hit me. Those who do not abide in the savior, dont love him, and don't keep his commandments. They will be cast out...(como pampano, y se secar, y los recogen y los hecho en el fuego y arden...not sure how that part goes in English) A verse then came to mind from Mathew 7, when the lord tells someone that had done many good things in his name that He never knew him. I then thought of the number of disobedient missionaries that I know that still have a ton of success. The bottom line is that the fruit is acceptable in the way that it is harvested, as far as the personal situation of the missionary. Obviously everyone gets blessings for getting baptized, but it is important for us as we participate in this great work, for our own salvation and for the joy that is promised to those that are called to the work. I hope I am doing things right! On the other hand, those that do abide in him and love him and keep his commandments will be blessed with one of the greatest blessing, which is aligning your desires with those of the Lord. Wanting the same thing, which allows us to ask for anything and receive it because we wont ask for anything outside of the will of the Lord. Something like that....
Something interesting happened with a couple we are teaching. My first couple days here we taught a couple and she didn't really want to listen, but he was all for it. One thing led to another and we didn't get back to their house for about two weeks. His mom is a member and they live with her, so they weren't without contact from someone from the church, but still, I felt really bad. I felt worse when we found out that they had actually separated for a few days and were not doing too good. Odd change of events, all of a sudden she is really wanting to go to church and he is back to his old ways. She recognized the difference from the time that they were going to church every week to the time when they didn't want to go or keep the commandments, and so now she really wants to go to church and get married and baptized and stuff. I'm confident that he will return to have interest soon enough. It was more than likely part of the lords plan for them to go a little while without much spiritual support so that they could see the difference and be more motivated. I was telling someone the other day that the coolest part of the mission is recognizing the way the Lord works in the lives of the people. Its a big blessing of being a missionary to see that.
Well, I think that's about all I have time for for this week. I love you guys a ton and hope you have a great week! I know that this is the true church and that God loves us and has a plan for us that extend much farther than our current capacity to comprehend. Every injustice, hardship and trial in this life will be made right in the life to come. Even more, it will have been a blessing. Cool huh.
Love you guys!
Elder Rau

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