Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Church is True, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and He is, Undeniably, the Jehovah of the Old Testament

When I got my call to Argentina, I knew there was a pretty heavy Italian population, but I didn't realize how large the "white" population would be. Just about everyone has Italian, Spanish, German or otherwise European in their blood. The point of the story is I thought that I would never get to teach any Lamanites. The book of Mormon was written for them, so I kind of wanted to take it to them. Well, my dreams have been completed! There is an Indian tribe here called the Toba. They are very much Lamanites. They all moved here to Rosario try to get out of a very poor situation in other parts of the country, and live in the humblest of neighborhoods. Our contacts have changed. We were inspired by a Peruvian elder in the mission who is straight up Indian... elder HumaƱahui it means eagle eye... but anyway, when he knocks on a door, he introduces himself and talks about a legend from his people about a white God that visited his people and that their records have been preserved in the Book of Mormon. We try to apply that same approach talking a lot about the personal ministry of the Savior here in the Americas. Anyway, we have some pretty promising contacts so far.

Other than that, we are seeing other small miracles. A few days ago we were just walking down the street, when we heard someone yelling, ¡ey, muchachos! That usually means that there is a drunk man or some punk wanting to rob us. I usually don't look, but this time was a little bit different. I looked back to see 3 teenagers on the curb looking at us. One called us over so we went. When we got there, one said, what are you we told him, the word of God. It was then that I saw the bible in the hands of one of them. We shared the first lesson there in the street and set an appointment to go back tonight. I'm pretty excited. They are honest seekers of the truth! They are the funniest to teach.

I did get an interesting phone call the other night. Elder Hildreth, the assistant and one of my old zone leaders and possibly the most influential missionary in my mission, and by that I mean one that has helped me be better, asked how everything was going and if I had a preference on where I finish my mission. The obvious answer was where ever the Lord wants, but I gave a suggestion for president to pray about, so we´ll see what happens. I would love to go back to Entre Rios.

We had a way cool two day zone conference in the mission home. We played games, learned cool stuff and above all got animated to be better and lose ourselves in the lords work. We gave our little portion as zone leaders and I got to talk about pole vault! I also talked about high jump. I talked about how everybody thought that the events had pretty well reached their potential and that the world record wasn't going to go much higher. I then talked about the Fosbury Flop, and the invention of fiberglass poles and stuff like that, then gave another analog with the whole, look to the sky thing, instead of looking at the bar. We have to set our sights higher than the minimum. (I think I already told that analogy to you, but if not I can tell you later.) But it was great and we talked about goals and other good stuff like that.

I'm pretty much out of time, so I'll end it here. I love you all a whole lot and hope that everything keeps going well for you!
The church is true, Jesus Christ is our savior, and He is, undeniably, the Jehovah of the old testament (the JW´s knocked on our door this morning while we were that topic is fresh in my mind).
Anyway, I love you all a whole lot and look forward to next week’s letters!
Elder Rau

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