Monday, May 18, 2009

Hakuna Matada... Is Not the Life of a Missionary May 18, 2009

Hola Familia,
This week was quite a bit better than last. We got a lot more stuff done and alot more good stuff done. We have been working on improving the quality of our contacts (mostly with testimony) and controlling the conversation in lessons. Of course we want investigators to talk, but Argentines are very social people and really just like to talk about whatever... so we have to be more firm. We are making progress.
Yesterday was the most memorable day of the week because of a lesson. We had talked with a guy named walter earlier in the week, and we went by last night to see if he had some time to talk. He let us come in, and we talked with him and his wife for a while. He told us up front that no one was going to make him change his ideas or beliefs, and we told him that thats not what we wanted to do. We explained that we tell you what we know to be true, then invite you to ask God to find out for yourself. So we were talking, and we came to the first vision. I was relating Josephs experience and walter was looking at the folleto. He was looking very closely, then told us a story (as it turns out, he wasnt listening to me...haha, oh well). He told us that he used to be into drugs and all that fun stuff, then one day there was an accident and somehow ended up with a bullet in his head. He went into a coma (I think I would too if I got shot in the head...seems like the smartest thing to do). He said that the day before he came out of it, he saw a light, exactly like the light in the picture in the folleto that decended gradually untill it fell upon him, but then it went away. The next day he opened his eyes. He was very emotional, and told us that he didnt believe in stuff like that untill it happened to him. Long story short, the spirit was strong for the rest of the lesson, left a part in the book for them to read and we are going back tomorrow to see how it went. He told us that God didnt let him die because he still had something he was supposed to do here....Like accept the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ...
So we also had zone conference this week. It was way fun and I learned alot. There is alot of emphasis on the dats, which is hard for me because Its really hard for me sometimes to relate the numbers with people. For example at the end of the week, I see that we lack some numbers, and i start working harder. I guess its good because it gets me working harder, but at the same time, I shouldnt need that kind of motivation. I need to be working under a deadline all the time. But anyway, the dats are important and they throw alot of statistics at us that make the work some so easy and logical, but its not always like that. I dont know, i guess thats just something I have to get over. The good news is I know what Im doing here and know that I have the help of the Lord, so I guess all is well.
They also gave us a pretty intense study program. For the last month we have been reading about 3-4 chapters a day in the BoM with a marking system, and now we have a list of over 200 scriptures to memorize as well as other things. I did 6 this week...its gonna take a while. Who knows, maybe Ill have a photographic memory by the end. When presidente Bowen came, he stressed the importance of memorization, because the spirit cant draw from an empty well.
So yeah, that was basically the week...wait, one more thing. We watched the Lion King! We got permision to have an activity with our ward and another branch and we explained a lot of the symbolizm, then watched the movie. It was way cool. There is a ton of symbolism there.mufasa: God the Father, then Jesus Christ. Simba: Christ and us. Zazu: the holy ghost, Rafiki: the prophets...stuff like that. Pretty cool. The members really liked it.
Ok, thats it from me this week. I love you all and look forward to getter letters from you all next week!
The church is true and Christ is our savior. I know that its true.
Elder Rau

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